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January 2011


Todays Learning Workplace podcast 30: To MultiTask or Not to MultiTask…That is the Question!

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How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking (HBR blog)


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Transfer of Training


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This week:

  • Dear TLW–
    I hate presenting! And it’s not WHAT I’m presenting that bothers me…I know the message that needs to be shared and I feel qualified to be the person sharing it…it’s just that I don’t look professional and confident! I had myself video taped recently, and realize I need help! I know you have talked touched on ideas to help presenters and facilitators before, but could you provide 5-10 presenter tips that have helped others you have worked with.

Next week:

  • Dear TLW–I’m confused…and am I going to “date” myself…what is “onboarding” employees?  Is this what I might call New Employee Orientation?  If so, what are you seeing as current trends relative to starting a new employee in the organization?  We have been doing the same thing for some time now…and I wonder if it’s time to “update” our program.  We typically cover the employee’s manual, some points relative to payroll and benefits, take the employee for a tour around the building to meet people, and then have their departmental “buddy” take them to lunch.  Your thoughts?


2-minute tips of the week

  • Max: Create a “trainer’s kit” (and what to include in it)
  • Terri: Wear comfy shoes!
  • Robin: Wear headphones to discourage interruptions and get more done!    



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Learning Professionals–Doing What Matters in 2011

by Terri Deems on January 21, 2011


We’re all settling into 2011 now (maybe even remembering to write the correct date on checks, for those who still use them), and hopefully you’re working on the personal goals you’ve set yourself for the new year! As workplace learning professionals, it’s just as important to take time to examine your learning team’s goals and to be clear on key workplace learning issues this year. For 2011, what really matters and where will you focus your energies?

Talking here at TLW and with other professionals, it’s clear that we need to continue to enhance our organization’s competitive advantage through workforce training and by promoting a culture of learning. Within this are a number of issues that seem to matter big time for T&D professionals for the new year . In no particular order, here are 5 important ones:

  1. Achieve – and demonstrate – meaningful business gains through training. This includes boosting our ability to impact performance, and to communicate this impact in financial terms to top leaders. If you’re not in the habit of regularly conducting level 3 and 4 evaluations (a la Kirkpatrick), this is your year to nail these.

  3. Strategically use training to reduce organizational vulnerabilities and improve performance. It’s more important than ever now to be sure T&D activities are fully aligned with organizational goals and planning. Training needs to be strategic.

  5. Continue to rethink delivery systems. Most workplaces today can’t afford to take people away from their work for several training days (or even for just a couple hours); there just isn’t the time or people-power for this. At the same time, research keeps raising questions about the efficacy of online learning, as it’s been done in the past. We need to rethink not only our delivery systems, but our whole way of thinking about how, when, and where learning occurs in our workplaces, and to make use of new technologies and networks to enhance learning.

  7. Promote leadership development – including self-leadership. The preparation of people to be effective leaders will continue in 2011, particularly for first-time and frontline leaders. But leadership development needs to go beyond designated leaders and include people at all levels within an organization. And the best leadership starts with self-leadership – leading others is always an inside job. This demands no longer viewing leadership development as simply one more training topic, but instead place a greater focus on critical thinking, reflection,  and other characteristics of effective leaders within each and every learning opportunity we create.

  9. Build organizational wisdom. This goes beyond knowledge management as we’ve known it, and to even (dare we say it?) ease up on our over-reliance on metrics and control. Wisdom involves insight, perception, and good judgment –making the best use of knowledge. It’s wisdom, not simply knowledge and skill, that results in our ability to consistently act in ways that produce optimal results (and with a minimum of time and energy).

If you’ve not already begun conversations about what matters most for 2011, now’s the time to get it started. Talk with your team. With other leaders. With the people on the floor or in the front office or out on the docks. Then focus your work this year on doing what matters!


TLW029: Your Year to Learn

January 14, 2011

Todays Learning Workplace podcast 29–Your Year to Learn! Todays article: Use the Once-A Month Technique to Adopt Habits That Stick  (Lifehacker)   Other articles and things of interest from this week: How Will Your Workplace Look in 2011? (International Business Times via ASTD blog) The Psychology of Persuasion (PsyBlog) Digital Instructional Media Design 101 – […]

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The 6 A’s of Effective Delegation

January 13, 2011

I was struck by The Five Levels of Delegation article we discussed in episode 28 and appreciated the discussion we had around it. I was reminded of a delegation model or steps I mention when I’m working with new supervisors or managers, noted below. As we mentioned on the show, and was mentioned in the […]

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TLW 028: Don’t be a Control Freak…Delegate

January 6, 2011

 Todays Learning Workplace podcast 28–Don’t Be a Control Freak…Delegate Todays article: The Five Levels of Delegation (Michael Hyatt blog)   Other articles and things of interest from this week: Message to CEOs: Do more to keep your key employees (Wall Street Journal via ASTD Buzz) Triple-A Thinking (Chief Learning Officer) 10 Ideas to Use Social […]

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