TLW 120: It’s All About the Tomato Plants…and the Participants

by Robin Lindbeck on May 18, 2013

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Guest Host: Max Gage

Topic: Creating the Right Conditions for Learning


Articles for this Week:


Tip of the Week:

  • Involve the leaders of the participants…they play an important role!

Overall there are three people who impact whether or not a person changes behavior to support the skills and principles introduced in a training program: the trainer, the learner’s manager and the learner himself.

And, there are three critical time frames which impact whether or not the person buys into the training and chooses to change his/her behavior: before, during and after the training program.

Putting these two sets of three options into chart, gives us a three-by-three matrix with nine possible alternatives for impacting a learner’s training experience.  Broad & Newstrom call this “The Who Matters Most When” matrix.

1 = the greatest impact on the learner changing behavior and applying the learning
9 = the least impact on the learner change behavior or applying the learning

Transfer of Learning: Who matters most when?




 From: Broad, M.L., & Newstrom, J.W. (1992). Transfer of training. Philadelphia, PA: Perseus Publishing.

  • Provide questions or “conversation starters” to participants and/or their managers to help them have a conversation together before or after the training class.

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