TLW133: 14 of our favorite tech tools for learning

by Robin Lindbeck on September 27, 2013

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Guest host: Wendy Rettenmeier

Topic: Tech-a-paloosa…14 of our favorite tech tools for learning

  1. Pocket (Wendy) — Pocket is a program to let you mark web content and read it later.
  2. Dropbox (Terri) — Cloud storage (also DropItToMe to allow people to add to your designated Dropbox folder.
  3. Box (Robin) — Slightly more secure cloud storage.
  4. Cubby( Robin) — Cloud storage that let’s you designate any folder to sync with the cloud, and do direct computer-to-computer syncing with no maximum storage since you are bypassing the cloud.
  5. Genius Scan (Wendy) — scanning app for iOS and Android
  6. Google Google Drive (Terri) — Cloud-based tools for searching, office productivity, etc.
  7. Jing (Robin) — Tool on your desktop to easily capture screen images and 5-minute on-screen demos.
  8. Camtasia (commerical) (Wendy) — Robust tool that allows you to create online tutorials.
  9. Skype (Terri) — Audio and video calls over the internet.
  10. (Terri) — easily share your screen with others over the internet and give others control of your screen if desired.
  11. Feedly (Robin) — RSS reader for easily keeping track of updates to blogs and other information.
  12. Twitter (Robin) — Share your 140-character messages and read the messages of others.  A great source for professional development!
  13. (Robin) — Schedule emails to return to your inbox at a specified date and time.
  14. Flipboard (Wendy) — An RSS reader with a magazine-style layout.


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