TLW 144: Is Learning and Development…and are you..Invisible?

by Robin Lindbeck on February 15, 2014

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Topic: Are You Invisible?


Articles for this Week:

Tip of the Week:  YouTube Tips!

  • creates a link to start video at a specific time. Alternatively, you can add the following to the end of a YouTube URL; #t=05m16s where 05m16s is the time cue where you want to start the video). For example, this URL

    starts this YouTube video of Dan Pink speaking at TED 5 minutes and 16 seconds in to the video.

  • ViewPure is a browser-based tool that let’s you enter a YouTube URL and then will display the video on a pure white page without any of the distractions of comments, sidebars, advertisements, etc. let’s you do the same thing but is installed as a button on your brow


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