TLW 77: What’s the Goal–Learning or Performance?

by Robin Lindbeck on February 2, 2012

instructional design objective

Topic: End Goal: Learning or Performance?



Articles for this Week:


Tip of the Week:

When facilitating, remember to WOMP!

W ater

O xygen

M arch

P raise


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Bridgette Johnson February 4, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Hi Robin and Terri!

Say will you please elaborate a bit more on your WOMP! acronym for me – please explain the water, oxygen and march – I think I get the ‘praise’ piece – but not sure about the other three words.

Bridgette Johnson


Robin Lindbeck February 4, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Hi Bridgette–there is a pretty good description in the podcast starting at 26:00. But in a nutshell: WOMP is an acronym for a quick rejuvenating break. As a facilitator you have everyone stand up and take a drink of water (of whatever other beverage they have handy), take a few deep yoga-breaths, march in place or around the room, and then turn to a neighbor and give them some praise based on the time spent together (it might be, “I’m so glad you were in the class today because…). The entire WOMP will only take a few minutes. Some of the things may seem tangential or silly, but it’s a refreshing break that has everyone sitting down more energized, focused, and ready to learn!


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