TLW 125: Supporting the Smart Worker (really, all workers)

by Robin Lindbeck on July 10, 2013

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Guest Host: Vince Nix


Topic: Supporting the Smart Worker

Articles for this Week:

Tip of the Week:  Save images as transparent images (i.e. without the surrounding background)

  • Use Photoshop: Photoshop is a robust commercial program with a moderately steep learning curve. If you know how to use it, use Photoshop (commercial software) or Photoshop Express Editor online (free)
  • Use GIMP: an, open-source Photoshop-like application that can be downloaded to your computer for free (similar learning curve as Photoshop).
  • Use Clipping Magic: a free, browser-based application that is very easy to use.

 Pssst…Vince….according to wikipedia, GNU stands for “GNU’s Not Unix.”


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