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Todays Learning Workplace podcast 43–Is an Effective L&D Partner Like a “True Friend?”

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Today’s topic –Key Leader Activities to Build a New Team


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  • Change up your small group discussions!




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Show #6: no, YOU’RE the ambassador…

by Robin Lindbeck on July 31, 2010

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Brand You: Everyone is a Sales Person (Tom Peters, from the “Little BIG Things video series)

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Make it Happen
The Gen Y brain?

What Would You Do?

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Dear TLW–

I am confused.  I am supervisor at a non-profit organization in the IT department.  We are a small organization.  I have been asked several times to help the operations manager with the new employees…assist them with various popular software such as PowerPoint and Excel.  I also work with our more seasoned employees around the particulars of our own computer system.  Am I now a “trainer” training?  Or am I “presenting”?  Or “facilitating”?  Or “coaching”?  Are these different activities, or just different names for the same activity?  If they are different, how?

Next week:

Dear TLW–

Our managers need help with their coaching skills based on talking with employees, as well as feedback on our organizational culture survey.  We have designed a course that provides a basic model to follow for coaching…whether it’s coaching to develop others, reinforce behaviors, or redirect behaviors.  We have included a component that involves at least two skill practices.  We have not done anything like this before.  I know our managers…there will be some reluctance in doing the practices.  What would you suggest I do to ensure they have a positive and successful experience with this exercise?

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  • Terri: Keep yourself motivated
  • Max: Another way to divide people into groups
  • Robin: Ripping/hanging flipcharts

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