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Show #5: Who are you calling an old dog…

by Robin Lindbeck on July 23, 2010

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News & Articles
Getting Management Support for Training (Learning Solutions Magazine, Nuts and Bolts column)

Other articles and things of note from this week:

Top 10 Teleconferencing Tips (

Use Research to Sell Leadership Development (

Use Coaching to Retain the Leader’s Edge (Nonprofit World, via ASTD Buzz)

22 Books for Beginning Instructional Designers (The Upsides Learning Solutions blog)

Social Learning and Social Media (Big Dog & Little Dog Performance Juxtaposition)

Dan Pink TED presentation on the surprising science of motivation (18m video,

(a slideshow presentation capturing the key ideas from Pink’s presentation is available on


Make it Happen
Learning and Aging, “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?”


What Would You Do?

Last week:

Dear TLW-

It has been enjoyable listening to you three women discuss topics of interest for learning and development professionals!  You seem cool, calm and collected!  Are you?  What would you suggest for those of us who have stage fright?.  Presentation anxiety?  Platform panic?  Butterflies?  I have been in the adult education field for several years…yet every time I go into the classroom or a presentation, I can hear my heart beat, feel my face blush, and see my hands start to quiver!  What do each of you do in similar circumstances?

Next week:

Dear TLW–

I am confused.  I am supervisor at a non-profit organization in the IT department.  We are a small organization.  I have been asked several times to help the operations manager with the new employees…assist them with various popular software such as PowerPoint and Excel.  I also work with our more seasoned employees around the particulars of our own computer system.  Am I now a “trainer” training?  Or am I “presenting”?  Or “facilitating”?  Or “coaching”?  Are these different activities, or just different names for the same activity?  If they are different, how?


2 minute tips of the week

Max:  Arrive early to your training session or presentation

Terri:  Help people focus at the start of a training session

Robin: Use your resources

Resources mentioned during the show

TED talks

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What are your favorites?  We’d love to know!

(CORRECTION: Robin said TED stood for: Technology, Education and Design.  It’s actually Technology, Entertainment and Design. But we actually like it the first way too!)

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TLW Show#1

by Robin Lindbeck on June 30, 2010

No show notes yet, but you can listen to the audio below (about 1 hour)

(next show: July 1)

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