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Guest Hosts: Julie Caspar, Amy Christensen, Vince Nix

Topic: Career Advice


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Tip of the Week:

  • Have multiple ways to access information you need for your class or presentation!

You can bring your handouts and materials on a flash drive: flash drives can fail and more and more organizations are setting up company computers to not use flashdrives), you can store your materials in the cloud (but what if the wifi is down?). you can bring it on your laptop (but hard drives do fail), and you can even bring it on a DVD (although more and more computers do not have DVD players).  The better solution is to use two or more of these solutions.  That way if you can not get to your materials on the internet, you have your flash drive. If your flash drive fails or can’t be used, you will still have the copy on your computer. Etc.  And it’s better to do this one hundred times and not need it, than find yourself without handouts and data that one time you can not access your materials.


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