TLW 026: It’s Time for Professional Development Resolutions

by Robin Lindbeck on December 16, 2010

Todays Learning Workplace podcast 26–It’s Time for Professional Development Resolutions

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Creating inclusive work environments through diversity training programs


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This week:

  • Dear TLW–
    We are a small learning and development department supporting a large employee population, with a lot of needs! We typically try to design, develop and facilitate our own training programs. As you well know, this takes time! Time we feel we are running short of! However, we are feeling as if there are topics where quality programs have already been developed by a third party that we could purchase and be well served. Would you have any suggestions as to where we could turn to review and possibly purchase “off the shelf” programs around time management, meeting management, conflict resolution, communication skills, etc.?

Next week:

  • Dear TLW–
    I’m a sales manager within a hotel.  I work closely with the general manager regarding the goals for the hotel, sales projections, as well as work with the staff around fulfilling customers needs, etc.  Recently our customer service ratings have dropped…in particular in the area of our front desk.  We are thinking about doing some customer service training for the employees…however, as I think about the group and their 1-3 years in their roles, I’m wondering if training is really what they need.  They have been without a supervisor for a few months and we haven’t been able to give them any sort of raise for a year.  Your thoughts?


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